Knitting Challenge for Stress Relief


For year of 2019 new year resolution, I wanted to “knit” to relieve my stress.

My goal was to make Christmas presents for the fam. I’ve planned to make 7 scarves, however, that was too many. So far, I have made 3 — including the one that I am still working on.

Here are a few things I have discovered from this challenge:

  1. I don’t like knitting
  2. It stresses me out MORE than relieving my stress
  3. The scarves I made are not as pretty as the ones that I BUY


James wanted me to knit him socks…. that’s not going to happen. This is not a good hobby for me because I get stressed out thinking about finishing it. Maybe 7 was too many to start with, but I know I won’t knit again until James and I have a dog. I want to knit a little blanket for our puppy 🥰

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