Honeymoon Day 4 — Icelandic Horse, Thingvellir, and Geysir

4th day in Iceland

A few months before we went on a honeymoon, we already made plans for each day. We searched a few activities we wanted to do, and horseback riding was one of them. Through Airbnb, we found a place where we could learn about the Icelandic horse, ride the horses, and have Icelandic food with Icelandic people. We wanted to experience Iceland! So we booked Hordur’s Horseback ride and lunch with a Viking on airbnb. 

The weather was very welcoming that day luckily. We learned about Icelandic horses from Hordur — how they are small but sturdy to survive in harsh Icelandic weather. We started by brushing and talking to the horses. I was very nervous, because I know how painful it’d be to be hurt in a foreign country…. so I brushed my horse and talked to her softly to get to know her. Her name was Meyra (I’m 99% sure I misspelled). After that, Hordur wanted us to practice commands — basically how to go and stop. We hopped on our horses. Hordur told us to relax because your horse knows when you are tense and scared. So I wanted to pretend my best to let Meyra know that I was relaxed and chill, and was her boss because apparently, it’s important to let the horse know that.

After little bit of practice, Hordur led us to a few amazing places. Riding the horse was incredible, because the view was so beautiful. Meyra was patient with me and the ride was smooth. When the peaceful riding was done, Hordur invited us to his house and cooked us Icelandic food for lunch. I am not a fan of lamb… so I requested a vegetarian meal and my husband, who likes to try everything) enjoyed the lamb. The lamb came with garlic yogurt sauce (?) that James really really liked. He said lamb and the garlic yogurt go very well together. So I tried a bit. I don’t like the smell of lamb… but the smell was extremely mild and the garlic yogurt was pretty tasty. We also got to talk about how our life, and Hordur’s journey, and stories about Iceland! The lunch was fun.

After Hordur’s, our plan was to go to Thingvellir. We wanted to go see the park because it was from one of the Game of Thrones scenes! How exciting~~!! The park was so beautiful. The base color of green, blackish grey rocks, colorful flowers in between… it was unbelievable! It was raining when we got there, but there were still many people came to see the park. We walked around and took pictures in the rain. And we met a few sheeps on the way back to our car. Icelandic sheeps are so adorable…. (there were so many pictures of the sheeps on my phone).

We also went to look at Geysir on the way back to our cabin. I liked Geysir more than Thingvellir. Thingvellir was so beautiful with untouched nature and its colors, but Geysir was very entertaining. We saw a few explosion from a couple geysirs… that was pretty awesome. There was one in the middle that everyone was gathered around and taking videos. That one was gigantic……… 😱 and it freaked me out.

After Geysir, I wanted to go find the little hot spring spots that Hordur said where Icelandic people would go and talk about politics and things. We didn’t really have the time to find those places, but we stopped by at the public hot spring that looked like a pool — just to check it out. I forgot the name, but it looked like it could have been a fun place to go. I was a little sad that we didn’t get to go becauseI love love love hot springs, which was one of the reasons we chose Iceland for our honeymoon. I guess next time🤞

There were many things we wanted to do, see, and experience. Sadly, our time was limited and we couldn’t plan to do the ring-road (a road that runs around the island) although we wanted to see every part of Iceland, we stayed on the South part mostly. But we figured we would come back, and explore other parts of Iceland in the future. Plus most of top activities we wanted were around Reykjavik (although James missed Glacier experience this time), so we were satisfied. Besides, by this time, I think we really started enjoying Iceland. It was of course enjoyable from the Day 1 in Iceland. However, since our trip began roughly in the beginning (detouring to London & not having our bags for days), we were stressed out — especially and mostly me. Things were much easier once we got our bags back, and we could have everything as we had planned. And Day 4 was the last day we stayed in Hekla, and we were so looking forward to exploring more of Iceland. Day 5 was “the” day! It was a Blue Lagoon Day!!



[Sep 23, 2019]


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