Little bit of Jo Malone

Jo Malone perfume is special. The scent is clean, simple, and fresh (not a fan of their intense line, because I prefer light scent). IMO, Jo Malone is different than those French perfumes. I think French perfumes are stronger/heavier with the smell. Most of Jo Malone is very light, but still beautiful.

It was so damn beautiful that I asked the lady who was wearing the perfume what she was wearing, years ago when I was working in West Hollywood. And this is how I was introduced to Jo Malone. I am not the type of person who asks or talks to strangers. And I truly hate small talks. But that time, I just had to ask. It was the most unique scent — it was filling the whole room but it wasn’t overwhelming like most perfumes. What was more surprising is that I think she was in her mid 40s and I was in my mid 20s. I still thought her taste of the scent was so sophisticated… and that MADE me question a stranger. I thought that the smell made her look even more gorgeous. Although she told me she was wearing Orange Blossom, I think she might have mixed it with other Jo Malone scent.

Anyways, it’s almost here already…

Preparing little freshness for Christmas 🎁🎄✨

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