My New Precious

Today was not supposed to be good. I had to do phlebotomy today, which was surprisingly much easier than the previous ones (with the numbing spray). James came with me and told me he had a present for me waiting at home. First, I thought he tried to cheer me up. I thought he just made something up, so I have something to think about during phlebotomy instead of crying/screaming.

When we got home, there was a big box waiting on his desk. I have mentioned that I wanted a Van Cleef necklace, but I didn’t think he was going to get it me for Christmas. And because he told me he got something for me, I couldn’t wait till Christmas. I had to open it. So if it’s not what I want, I could return and get something I like😅

The package was delivered from Texas and didn’t really have a company name or anything. In side the package though, there was a big mysterious grey box with a Van Cleef logo on it, so I realized it was what I thought it was!? But still, I couldn’t believe it.

The necklace is very beautiful. It’s Sweet Alhambra, although It’s a bit smaller than I expected. But for me, I wanted a small one because I like it simple and cute! And it was shiny and simple. Not overwhelmingly shiny — but simple and subtle shiny in a classic way.

Hope it brings lots of luck in 2020. My new precious 🍀✨

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