Honeymoon Day 3 — Gullfoss



3rd day in Iceland!

In the morning, we went to the airport (took more than 2 hours to get there from Hekla) to find our luggages. We also switched our car to a new one at Blue Car Rental around the airport where we rented a car. The car they gave us was just fine, but the passenger side’s window wasn’t working. We assumed that a lot of people rolled down the window like I did to take pictures. And because of tough weather, the window was damaged. We drove a lot, so it was very important that the window was working. And the rental place was nice and understanding.

Getting our luggages and changing our car took pretty long. It didn’t give us much time to do anything because it was already going to evening time. We (James) already thought this through, so we have decided to go see Gullfoss after picking up our bags. It wasn’t too far away from the airport.

Iceland is very quiet and peaceful. Every moment was picturesque. It was rainy, windy, and gloomy on that day. It was still beautiful, of course. The beauty sometimes startled me… even on Day 3, I was still amazed by the scenery.

Gullfoss had untouched pure beauty! We looked around Gullfoss and saw Geysir on the way back to our cabin. We didn’t know it was Geysir in the dark, although some kind of steam was coming out of somewhere. We went there the next day.

After Gullfoss, we returned to our cabin, had dinner, and ended our day enjoying in a hot tub. It was a big relief that our bags found us, because I brought a lot of weird stuff… and I needed them. All my skincare and make up stuff, cooking ingredients, clothes, and etc.


3rd day, I thought… It’d be wonderful to live in Iceland🇮🇸



[Sep 22, 2019]

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