How to Make Pico de Gallo (Simple Version)


I love pico de Gallo. I eat pico de Gallo as salad and snack. And I like the juice from it… spicy tomato/lemon juice because of onion/jalapeño and hint of cilantro. Love it~! When I first tried many many years ago, I couldn’t get used to the unique taste/smell of cilantro. Now? I like putting it in soups and salad. It has very refreshing taste imo.

I can finish a little jar of pico de Gallo in a day. Like the one from Trader Joe’s, it’s mild pico de Gallo! It doesn’t last long. I would say just a couple days. So, my husband makes me a lot. Here’s how he makes:

  1. Cut out the gooey tomato thingy
  2. Cut the tomatoes to little chunks
  3. Chop up onions and habanero pepper and jalapeño (3/4 of small jalapeño)
  4. Chop up cilantro
  5. Put all the ingredients together in a container and squeeze a lemon
  6. Put little bit of salt

Although I prefer pico de Gallo from a Mexican market, his is pretty good,too.

Haven’t had for a while…. miss it 😭

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