Honeymoon Day 2 — Iceland At Last!


Arrived in Iceland at last!

We bought a SIM card at the airport and rented a car near where we rented it a few months before our trip. I think it took 2-3 hours from the airport to our cabin… the rain and wind were very strong. It was good idea James was driving, because there was too much fog and we couldn’t really anything on the road. We’ve done little bit of research before the trip so we knew the weather could be unpredictable and harsh. However, the fog was really scary….. couldn’t see the front at all.

We first thought about going with a tour package, but have decided to plan on our own. We booked our cabin through airbnb. We wanted to stay at a place where it was middle of “nowhere” with a view that had Iceland vibes with good privacy. We also wanted a hot tub to enjoy at the end of the day and to look outside to chase northern lights (if lucky).

When we arrived at our cabin safely, it was around 4 or 5, which I can’t remember exactly, but I do remember we did the hot tub because we didn’t want the day to be over suffering with flights and flying around. Although it was raining and windy, it felt good to be in the tub. We relaxed a little and went to sleep in the early morning and woke up around 2. It was so quiet and peaceful. We loved our cabin that was in the middle of nowhere. The only sound we could hear was us, and that was a little scary at first (for me), because I wasn’t used no-sound sound. And I was scared of getting killed in the middle of nowhere in a foreign country, but my research said Iceland is one of the safest countries and James reassured me that won’t happen. And it didn’t…

Since James and I both enjoy cooking, wherever we go, we look for a place with kitchen. There was a kitchen at a cabin of course. A lovely kitchen with a wonderful Icelandic view! I packed a lot of food (pasta noodles, pasta sauce, instant noodles, instance rice, chips and candies, etc), because the Internet said the food is expensive in Iceland. However, we didn’t have our bags because our flight was delayed and we changed our flight to go with London route… so our bags were still in the states. We went out to drive around and buy some food at the local market. Since it was already afternoon, we just decided to drive around and come back to our cabin before the sunset.

I was looking forward to seeing animals, and I wanted to see the sheeps. I knew there was going to be “sheeps”, but I wasn’t sure where I’d have to go to see the sheeps. So, I googled before the trip… “where can I see the ships in Iceland?” “which street in Iceland there are sheeps?” “which city do I have to go in Iceland to see the sheeps?”…….. How silly I was… they were everywhere. I didn’t have to google at all, because they were really everywhere! They were so cute and round, they looked like cotton candy. I

On Day 2, we just relaxed, went for a drive, bought food and cooked linner (lunch + dinner), enjoyed hot tub, and that was it. I am the type of person who can’t sleep well in new places, but I slept well. I slept like a little sheep.




[Sep 21, 2019]

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