Honeymoon Day 1 — Unexpected Detour & London



Honeymoon, honeymoon, honeymoon.

Do we need to hurry for it?

My husband James and I wanted to wait a little before we went on a honeymoon. However, with my auntie’s persuasion (that I may not be able to go if I put it off so I should just go), we have decided to go. We are currently living in California and we close to Hawaii, which is a hot honeymoon spot but Hawaii was out for several reasons.

  1. I don’t like the beaches
  2. My husband is also not a beach person
  3. I dislike the feeling of stickiness and my hair being crazy.
  4. My husband is one tone down from being an Albino (JK, it’s cute I call it “pale” and he calls it “fair”). He burns very easily.

We took our time to think about where we should go. I’ve been around a few countries but it was James’ first time being abroad. First, James suggested Korea since I am from there and he wanted to see. The thing was though I haven’t been to Korea for over a decade and I knew that it’d feel like work for me to be there on a “honeymoon” translating and explaining lots and lots for him! We also thought about Ireland or Scotland because he always wanted to go there, but I didn’t want to be there for our honeymoon.

At the end, we picked Iceland. I have always wanted to go to Iceland ever since I found a Blue Lagoon picture a few years ago on the Internet. Hot springs and northern lights… that’s my style. As for my husband, he likes outdoors. We thought it was our destination, well, I thought it was. My loving husband naturally agreed with me, and we decided to do plan on our own instead of going with packing tour.

We had planned and booked for everything 5-6 months in advance. When finally it was the time, we didn’t really feel it. On the departure day, we were waiting for our flight at the airport with excitement until we got notification that our flight has been delayed on American Airlines app. It was a few minutes before boarding as people started lining up already. I didn’t think anything was going to happen that time, we didn’t expect it to take a while. Because we had a connecting flight, if the first flight was delayed we weren’t going to catch the next flight. We were told that it’d take a couple hours that they weren’t exactly sure on when we’d be boarding, so we have decided to change our flight.

The line was already long with angry people at American Airlines service center and it was going extremely slow. James called customer service and they were suggesting a flight that would arrive after 36-48 hours. The total flight time would be 38 hours including layover(s)… are you kidding me? But we’ve already booked everything through AirBnb and the car has been rented too. We couldn’t lose almost 2 days, wherever the hell we were going to be on our HONEYMOON. So, after frantically searching for any possible flights, whatever that’ll get us to KEF Iceland as soon as possible. Super speed crazy googling, we asked for a flight to London and London to Iceland.

The direct flight from LA to London took just over 10 hours, and from London to Iceland, it took about 3 hours. Although we had to book our own flights to Iceland from London through Icelandic Air, we thought it was the best idea to get to Iceland as fast as possible because we didn’t want to lose the precious time we had.

London… I never thought of being there so soon. We had 6 hours in London and because it wasn’t a layover, we had an option to kill our time wisely in London. Late morning time to early evening time… on the flight to London, we thought about what we should do. James wanted to go see the castles, but the tickets were sold out so we decided to do tour bus.

I still remember how ridiculous everything was going on that day. “I can’t believe we are suddenly going to London on our honeymoon!” It was too much stress and BECAUSE of too much stress, we didn’t really get to enjoy London or EACH OTHER on our honeymoon. We were cranky, mean, and exhausted. And somehow the UK became my husband’s first country he’s been to (1st time abroad), not Iceland as we planned.

Now that I think about it, it was a good chance to see London for a short period of time. People were protesting and police was everywhere, but was pretty interesting. I really liked the gold and red accents in the city.


Note: American Airlines sucks

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